Best ultrabook under 50000 70000 80000 in India: Best ultrabook in India 2017 – Top ultrabooks in India

Which is best ultrabook under 50000 70000 80000 in India? Best Ultrabook India 2017

Laptop experts have handpicked the best ultrabook in India. Some ultrabooks are under 50000, while some higher quality ones are under 70000 and 80000 rupees. Prices of ultrabooks in India have come down considerably over the past few years. Sometime back, ultrabooks in India used to cost well over 80000 rupees but now you can bag an ultrabook under 50000 too. Laptop manufactures are able to offer ultrabooks under 70000 as processor makers have reduced prices of these ULV (ultra low voltage) and also due to stiff competition. A good cheap ultrabook in Indiacomes with solid state drive, an AMD processor or a high end Intel ULV processor and is incredibly thin.

Another thing to look out before buying an ultrabook under 50000 is checking if the laptop comes with windows 10 or not. This is the latest Microsoft operating system and brings a host of enhancements over previous version of Windows. Check out its battery life runtimes as you will be using the ultrabook on the move and there is no point if you are forced to lug around a charger everywhere you go. It is hard to find power outlets in India and only a few places offer appropriate to charge ultrabooks in India.

Experts at cheap laptop have found ultrabooks under 80000 and even 70000. They have ensured that these ultrabooks have high quality materials and excellent keyboards. Some of the ultrabooks under 50000 lack features that ultrabooks under 70000 have such as backlit keyboard and if that is something you cannot live without, it is wiser to invest in laptop with backlit keyboard. Here is the list of best ultrabooks under 50000, 70000 and 80000.

Asus UX305FA

Asus UX305FA is the best ultrabook under 50000 in India. It is powered by the Intel’s latest Core M-series processor that gives stunning performance and long 10 hour battery life. It is incredibly compact and makes use of special passive cooling techniques that gives you fanless computing experience. There are no physical fans inside it so you can rest it on your lap without making them burn. It is made for windows 10 in mind so everything is crafted to perfection including the full HD display and well-laid out keyboard which is backlit.

Asus UX305FA
* 13.3-inch FHD (1920*1080) Anti-Glare Display
* 2GHz Intel Core M-5Y10 processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 256GB SSD, Up to 10 hours battery life, fanless design

HP Envy 13-D115TU

HP Envy 13 is a premium ultrabook and definitely one of the best on sale in India. Powering this slender laptop is an i7 processor and fast 256GB SSD that boots it within few seconds. The screen is home to a full HD 13.3 inch panel which is crisp and outputs vivid colors. Despite packing such large display, it weighs a modest 1.39 kilos which makes it extremely nice and easy to carry around. The keyboard is backlit and comfortble for typing long documents.
HP envy 13

* 13.3″ full HD panel with 1920×1080 pixel resolution
* 2.5GHz Intel Core i7-6500U processor, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 256GB SSD, Intel HD 520 graphics

Dell Inspiron 13 5378

Dell Inspiron 13 is well equipped and doubles as tablet. You also get wonderful compact design with full HD display and Windows 10 operating system. The Dell Inspiron ultrabooks are well known for their rock solid built quality and this one is no exception. It has 13” touchscreen full HD panel that lets you use it in variety of modes. The keyboard is backlit and has perfect key pitch for comfortable typing experience. Powering it is the latest i7 7th generation processor which makes it an extremely fast laptop. It is the best ultrabook under 80000 in India.
Dell inspiron 13 5378

* 13.3 inch Touchscreen Display, full HD panel 1920×1080
* Intel Core i7-7500u 7th generation Processor, 8 GB DDR4 RAM, 1 TB HDD, Preloaded Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 (Lifetime)

Asus UX303UB

Asus UX303UB is a full fledge laptop that weighs mere 1.45kg and packs power of a powerful mainstream laptop. Powered by power-sipping i5 processor, Asus has equipped it with Nvidia discrete graphics card that makes it ideal for doing processional work like video editing, AutoCAD and even gaming. There is plenty of storage space onboard and overall, it is a very fast laptop. The keyboard is perfectly laid out and has backlit keys.
Asus ZenBook UX303UB

* 13.3 Inch FHD panel, 1920×1080 pixels
* 2.3GHz Intel Core i5-6200U processor, Nvidia GeForce 940M 2GB Graphics, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive

HP Spectre 13-v123TU

HP Spectre 13 is the ultimate ultrabook on sale in India. It is made for windows 10 in mind so everything is coded and casted to perfection. Powering it is an i5 7th generation processor which is paired to 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM for outstanding, lagless performance. Its entire chassis is made of aluminium and bottom of made of strong yet light carbon fiber. The 13.3” inch display has ultra thin bezels. HP is calling it edge-to-edge glass display. The keyboard has perfectly lit backlit keys and is accompanied by glass trackpad that supports all windows 10 gestures as well. It is mere 10.4 mm thin and looks unique. There is nothing like it on the market.
HP Spectre 13-v123TU

* FHD IPS panel, 13.3 inches, edge to edge gorilla glass screen
* Intel Core i5-7200U 7th Gen processor, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 256GB Solid State drive, Intel HD 620 Graphics, Windows 10 Pro operating system, 1.1kg

What did we look for when choosing the best ultrabook in India under 50000 70000 and 80000?

High resolution display – Ultrabooks are touted as no-compromise laptops and one the things that make them such is high resolution screens. It ought to come with full HD or quad HD panel. Higher resolution screens allow you to work with more data a time. High resolution screens are useful as they show more content than a typical cheap laptop’s display which is 1366×768 or 1280×800. For instance, a full HD display has 1920×1080 and quad HD panel is four times HD. This also makes them ideal for content consumption. There is no point in watching a full HD movie on a display which is not full HD. You would not be able to experience clarity on a non-FHD display. All the ultrabooks mentioned below have full HD or quad HD panel for the premium touch.

Backlit and well designed keyboard – Ultrabooks are used by professionals and content creators and they want to be productive in all sorts of environments. Many times, one has to work in dimly lit lightening conditions which can make typing difficult if you do not have a laptop with backlit keyboard. But if you have backlit keyboard, you will have better accuracy while typing.

Long battery life – All ultrabooks make use of processors that operate at low voltage. This means that most of the time when you do not need the full power, the CPU operates at lower clock speeds in order to yield long battery life. But whenever higher performance is needed, the clock speed is raised much higher with turbo boost technology. All ultrabook laptops come with i7 or i5 processor for best performance. Any ultrabook should give you 5-hours of higher runtime.

Solid state storage or hybrid storage –  An SSD is an important feature that helps the laptop manufactures create such thin and light laptops called ultrabooks. An SSD is much smaller and lighter than a conventional hard disk and that helps in reducing the overall weight of the ultrabook. You will often find a 13-inch ultrabook under 1.5 kilos which makes them as light as any best netbook of India that are much smaller in size. SSD also consumes less power to operate than HDD which helps ultrabooks yield good battery life. Another advantage of SSD is data security. Data stored on an SSD is much safer than HDD as there are no moving parts inside an SSD. On other hand, hard disks have platters, disks and so on.

Minimum 8GB RAM – For optimum performance and professional use, you would need a minimum 8GB RAM. We all know all the best laptops with 8GB RAM let you multitask with ease, allowing you to run multiple heavy applications at same time. 8GB RAM is also very helpful when you are gaming or working on professional applications that gobble up lots of memory.

Best ultrabook under 50000 70000 80000 in India: Best ultrabook in India 2017 – Top ultrabooks in India dollar price bracket.