Cheapest Windows 10 laptop in India 2017: Cheap laptop with Windows 10 in India

Cheap Windows 10 laptop in India in 2017: which is cheapest laptop with windows 10?

Windows 10 laptops in India are great for productivity and application compatibility. Cheap windows 10 are available in India and they are better than installing windows yourself.

Cheap laptop with windows 10 in India have recently got very popular in India as more and more people like to own a laptop with genuine windows rather than buying a laptop without windows on board. That increases risk of piracy and uncalled headache.

Another reason why going for a windows 10 laptop in India makes sense is Microsoft is getting more and more active in India to catch people, especially companies with laptops without genuine copy of windows 10. Moreover, there are plenty of cheap windows 10 laptops on sale in India so you should not go for laptops without windows on board unless you are going to purchase a copy of genuine windows 10 yourself.

What to look for when looking for a cheap laptop in India and what should be your expectations?

Display – If you are looking for a small portable laptop, it is best to get for a small 2-in-1 convertible laptop with touchscreen or a nice netbook. But if you are planning to buy a large mainsteam laptop for daily computing work, it is best to go for a 14 inch laptop or bigger. This will get you not only a big display but a roomier keyboard with numericpad.

Storage and memory – Most of the small computers including the best netbooks in India come with eMMC storage which is a cheaper version of SSD. This gives them a big boost in terms of performance. But the storage is mostly restricted to 32GB in most cases. However, if you want lots of storage, around 500GB or more, you would be better with a bigger laptop. Keep in mind that the hard disks are much, much slower than a cheap laptop with SSD. Same goes for memory – most netbooks have 2GB RAM which is good enough for daily use – thanks to windows 10 that is so well tweaked for low RAM computers. Bigger laptops have slots which can be used to increase the total amount of memory.

DVD – This very feature is getting harder to find, even in the bigger laptops in India. More and more content can be downloaded from Internet or can be easily transferred by re-writable USB flash drives. That being said, we totally understand the need to have cheap DVD laptops in India as we still have a lot of uses of DVD. These drives are totally absent in netbooks, 2-in-1 convertibles and the best ultrabook in India. Even some of the entry level mainsteam laptops with 15” screen lack them because manufactures are trying to offer big laptops at lowest possible prices. So, do not be surprised to find DVD drive missing on a large laptop.

Processing power – most of the low end mainstream laptops and netbooks have enough power for your daily computing tasks but if you are looking to do programming on visual studio, android studio, video editing, you will need atleast a cheap i3 laptop or an AMD A6 or higher laptop. If you are planning to do gaming on budget, then going for cheap laptop with dedicated graphics card is the way to go.

All the laptops given below come with windows 10 pre-loaded. The software on them is 100% genuine.

Micromax Neo PQC

Micromax Neo is best cheap laptop with windows 10. It has ample 500GB hard disk and 4GB RAM which makes it ideal for running multiple applications comfortably. Storage is also not a problem as 500GB is sufficient for most people. The best part is it comes with genuine windows 10 onboard making it ideal for people who do not like installing operating system themselves and want to save away from pirated stuff. It has large 14” screen and large keyboard for comfortable typing experience.
Micromax Neo PQC

| 14″ HD screen, 1366×768 resolution, 500GB HDD, 4GB RAM
| 4GB RAM, Intel Pentium Quad-Core Processor (up to 2.40GHz) & Windows 10

HP 15-BE001TU

This is the cheapest windows 10 laptop with DVD drive onboard. We know having DVD drive onboard is important to a lot of people so we reviewed and tested this model. It comes with windows 10 preloaded and large 500GB hard disk. It offers fast performance with its quad core Intel processor and 4GB RAM which is expandable to 8GB RAM easily but for most users, the inbuilt RAM is sufficient. It comes with large 15” screen and full size keyboard with numpad. The build quality is great and so is the after sales support.
HP 15-BE001TU

| 15.6″ HD 1366×768 display, Intel Pentium N3710 CPU, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, windows 10 home, DVD writer

Micromax Canvas Lapbook L1160

This is the cheapest laptop in India. Priced under 10000 rupees, the Micromax Canvas comes with windows 10 home preloaded and ideal for those who are looking for cheap laptop for travel. It weighs mere 1.13kg and runs surprisingly well. Microsoft and Micromax both worked on this laptop and so it is tweaked for windows 10. It delivers stunning 10 hour battery life enabling you to work non-stop. There are couple of USB ports and bass thumping speakers for good end user experience. The storage is 32GB and is expandable via microSD card easily.

Micromax Canvas Lapbook L1160
| 11.6″ screen, Intel Atom Z3735F CPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB SSD, 1.13kg, windows 10, 2x USB ports

Lenovo 110 -15ACL

This Lenovo laptop is a power house and ideal for professionals. It comes with quad core AMD A8 processor and Radeon R5 graphics card which makes it excellent laptop for AutoCAD, Solidworks, video editing, photoshop, and mid-end gaming. There is enormous 1TB hard disk and DVD drive which will be appreciated by multimedia junkies. It is excellent for those who are looking for a powerful yet cheap laptop with windows 10 in India.
Lenovo Ideapad 110

| 15.6″ display, quad core AMD A8 processor, Radeon R5 GPU, 1TB hard disk, 4GB RAM, windows 10 home, DVD writer

iBall Flip X5 Compbook

This is the cheapest convertible laptop with windows 10. The screen can be rotated all the way to the back and used as tablet. However, we love the fact iBall equipped this laptop with a full HD panel, which shows so much more information on the screen at a time. The storage is all flash, making everything instant on it. There are dual speakers onboard for excellent sound experience.

iBall Flip X5 Compbook
| Touchscreen convertible 11.6″ FHD screen, Intel Atom Z8300 processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB SSD, windows 10

Cheapest Windows 10 laptop in India 2017: Cheap laptop with Windows 10 in India dollar price bracket.