Cheapest laptop with SSD in India 2017: Best laptops with SSD drive in India – cheap SSD laptops

Cheap laptop with SSD in India 2017 – best laptops with SSD

A laptop with SSD has many advantages over a mainstream laptop with hard disk. Find out which laptops models with SSD are the best to buy right now

Which is best laptop with SSD in India? Laptops with SSD in India have started gaining a lot of traction in India as more and more people become aware of solid sate drives and their advantages over mechanical hard disk drives. Finding the best and cheap laptop with SSD in India is a daunting task however as the sales people will try their best to sway from the best laptops with SSD to typical mainstream laptops that are sometimes cheaper than these SSD laptops in India. This is chiefly due to the fact that there is more demand for these big and cheap 15.6” laptops in India, especially among those buying the laptop for the first time.

However, if they are made aware of the numerous pros of SSD over HDD aka hard disks, they will be able to make a better choice buying a cheap laptop with SSD rather than going for the super slow HDD-equipped laptop. The main advantages of laptops with SSD in India include:

best laptop with ssd in india 2017

Better read speeds: Even the cheapest laptops with SSD in India have much higher read speeds than the typical 15.6 inch laptops you find in bags of typical computer users. This means you get almost instantaneous wakeup from sleep; much faster boot time and app launch times.

Better write speeds: Most of the SSDs are about twice or thrice as fast when it comes to write speeds. So you get much better performance – both from OS and applications you are using. Many times, you see a powerful i5 laptop with 8GB RAM and hard disk smoked by an i3 4GB laptop with SSD. SSD makes applications and operating system react instantaneously to your requests. It is like a flash drive but on steroids. It makes a world of difference to your computing experience.

You can see netbooks using a cheaper version of SSD called the eMMC flash storage. While eMMC is much slower than an SSD, it is still miles ahead in data transfer speed compared to a standard 5400rpm hard disk. This is the reason why the old netbooks felt so slow and newer, top netbooks even with less storage feel so much faster and usable for daily computing tasks.

Better battery life: A mechanical hard disk drive require more power to run as one has to power the spindle, read and write heads and what not. In case of SSD, there are no moving parts and it runs on very little power, thus increasing battery life runtimes.

Shock proof and better life: Since there are no moving parts in an SSD, it is shock proof. Rattling your laptop with hard disk can result in failure of the drive and loss of data. No such tension in case of laptop with SSD.

Lighter and thinner: An SSD is very thin and light and one can use it in tightest of places and this allows manufactures to use tiny SSDs in order to make thin laptops and ultrabooks. All the best ultrabooks in India make use of an SSD. An after market SSD is deliberately made the size of 2.5” as they want to sell them to laptop users who want to swap their slow HDD with SSD but in reality the space taken by SSD is actually very less.

Acer Aspire SW3

The Acer Aspire SW3 is a 2 in 1 detachable laptop packing 32GB SSD and latest and very powerful Atom X5 Z8500 processor. You can detach the tablet part from the dock and use it as stand-alone tablet. Its battery life is 12 hours when used with the keyboard dock because that too has a battery pack inside. It may look mediocre on paper but can give even the most powerful i5 laptops in India a run for their money.
Acer Aspire SW3

* 10.1-inch screen, Intel HD Gen8 Graphics
* 2.24GHz Intel Atom Z8500 Quad Core Processor
* 2GB RAM, 32GB EMMC storage, Windows 10 Operating System

Dell Latitude Ultrabook E7470

The Dell Latitude E7470 is a 14″ ultrabook laptop packing latest Intel Core i5 processor that under-clocks CPU when not required and thus gives battery life of 10 hours. It comes roomy 512GB SSD. The display packs full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and offers fanless computing experience. This means your laps would not burn when using it because there are no fans on the bottom. This laptop is brimming with innovative technologies and innovations. The keyboard is backlit and one of the best keyboards we have ever typed on. It runs windows 10 professional out of box, making it idea for professionals and businessmen.
Dell Latitude Ultrabook E7470

* Intel Core i5-6200u processor clocked at 2GHz
* 14.0″ FHD (1920 x 1080) Anti Glare (16:9) WLED
* Windows 10 Operating System, Integrated Graphics

Lenovo Miix 510-12ISK

The Miix 510 from Lenovo is company’s most premium business laptop that packs whopping 256GB SSD and i5 processor for unparalleled performance. This laptop has touchscreen too and can be used in laptop, tablet, tent modes. The screen measures 12.2 inches and packs IPS tech for super wide viewing angles.
Lenovo Miix 510-12ISK

* Intel Core i5-6200U 6th Gen Processor
* 12.2-inch IPS Multi-Touch Display
* Windows 10 Operating System

HP Envy 13-D115TU

This is a high end ultrabook that is powered by latest i7 processor which makes it ideal for professionals. It has 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD which makes it extremely fast laptop. It weighs just 1.39 kilos, so it is super thin, light and easy to carry around which is surprising since it is a 13” laptop. The chassis and keyboard’s palm rest is made of metal. The keys are backlit so you can type in dark with ease.
HP envy 13

* Intel Core i7-6500U processor, Intel HD 520 Graphics
* 8GB DDR3 RAM + 256GB SSD
* 13.3 inch full HD screen with 1920×1080 pixels, 1.39kg

iBall Excelance CompBook

Who knew that a day will come when we will be able to buy laptops under 10000 in India? This windows 10 netbook costs less than 10000 and comes with SSD flash storage and runs on quad core processor from Intel. It offers 8 hour battery life and packs 11.6″ screen. If you travel a lot or were looking for an affordable laptop, make sure to take a look at the iBall Excelance CompBook. Don’t take its specs too seriously – the overall package and performance will blow you away.
iBall Excelance CompBook

* Intel quad core Z3735f processor
* 11.6″ HD display
* 32GB SSD, 2GB RAM, Windows 10 operating system

iBall Exemplaire CompBook

It is similar to the iBall netbook shown above. The only difference is the fact it comes with bigger 14″ screen. So you have more room to work with. It still gives you 7 hour+ battery life on single charge and offers great performance thanks to latest quad core processor from Intel. It also comes with windows 10 onboard.
iBall Exemplaire CompBook

* Intel Atom Z3735F 4 core/4 thread processor clocked at 1.83GHz + Integrated graphics
* 14″ screen with HD resolution
* 2GB of memory, 32GB of flash SSD storage

Smartron Tbook

Yearn for a 2 in 1 touchscreen laptop in India that does not costs as much as the Microsoft Surface Pro 4? Consider checking out the Smartron Tbook packing similar specifications at half the price tag.
Smartron Tbook

* Intel Core M-5Y10c processor clocked at 2GHz clock speed + Intel HD 5300 Graphics
* 12.2-inch screen with 2k 2560×1600 resolution
* 128GB SSD + 4GB RAM

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (get Xbox 360 Free)

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 brings slightly bigger display, higher resolution (not that resolution of Surface Pro 3 was bad) and faster performance. If you are looking for best laptop with SSD in India, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the one.
Microsoft surface pro 4

* Intel Core i5 processor (6th Gen)
* 4 GB DDR3 RAM, 128 GB storage
* 12.3-inch Pixel Sense Full HD Display
* Windows 10 Pro
* Transform your Surface Pro 4 into a premium laptop with the improved type cover keyboard

Macbook Air 

Macbook Air is the perfect example of what a best laptop with SSD should look like. It has big 13” screen yet is extremely compact for daily use. It comes with an i5 processor, 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD that gives you fluid and satisfactory Apple experience. And it works great with other Apple products in your house. The build quality is second to none with entire chassis made of aluminum. The backlit keyboard has correct key pitch and user feedback making it ideal for writers.
Apple Macbook Air

Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 128GB SSD, 13.3″ sreen, Intel HD 6000 graphics, 12-hour battery life, 1.4kg

While there are many other laptops with SSDs, the ones not mentioned here are netbooks and almost all netbooks in India are sold with eMMC storage which is like slightly slower version of SSD but they do inherit same advantages as SSD-equipped laptops.

Cheapest laptop with SSD in India 2017: Best laptops with SSD drive in India – cheap SSD laptops dollar price bracket.